Bespoke Heaters

Elmatic Ltd is renowned for its versatility in producing built-in bespoke heating elements and custom heaters for almost any application. Our wealth of experience in manufacturing processes enables us to produce a heater solution for any project.

Some recent projects include built-in bespoke custom heating elements for power stations, oil refineries, pipe lines, train builders, railway maintenance, aircraft engine and so much more. The images below are some of the bespoke custom heater elements we design for the industrial and electrical industry.

We are proud owners of designing unique well-built heating elements to our customer’s requirements and we ensure you that our heaters are purposely designed to suit your application.

Should you have an application for built-in bespoke heating elements or custom heaters which might need some expert advice, please contact us for more assistance and we will be happy to help. Needless to say, that Elmatic is the leading manufacturers of electric and industrial heating elements.

Delivery & Enquiries

Most items are available for delivery in 10 to 15 working days. However, we do offer additional emergency services for customers who are in a breakdown situation. This includes a 48hr services on Mica products, Cartridge Heaters and Ceramic Knuckle Heaters. For all enquires please contact a member of our sales team who will be happy to assist.