9.5mm SQ Section Heater


We provide a diverse range of 9.5mm square section tubular electric heaters for the following applications: Heating of Mould & Tool Dies, Manifolds, Plastic Process Machinery, Packaging and Packaging Machinery and much more.

These square section 9.5mm tubular electric heaters were launched in April 2013, they have been developed to out-grow the demands for a sealed heater. Also, they are able to operate at increasing temperatures required by modern machines. Its square section tubular construction combines with a flexible design and durable in operation. This gives it many advantages over the standard mica and ceramic heaters. The square section tubular electric heater advantage over the conventional round tubular element is that there is more surface contact which gives you a better heat transfer. The construction enables Elmatic to offer a high watts density, making it capable of operating at temperatures up to 750°C.

Our new 9.5mm square section electric tubular heaters offers the advantages of a higher watts density giving the option of more wattage and the flexibility of having a single ended or double ended termination.

Tubular Electric Heaters | Elmatic
Special Features

  • High Watts Density – Operating Temperatures up to 750° C
  • Square Section – Improved Surface Heat Transfer
  • Option with or without Thermocouple
  • Single Ended Termination – Ease when wiring
  • Double Ended Termination – to accommodate customer design.
  • Available with Stainless Steel Braid, Flexible Metal Conduit or Threaded Terminals.
  • Fully Sealed – against ingress of moisture or avoidable spillage
Sheath Material
Incoloy 800 & S/S 316
Insulation Material Magnesium Oxide Powder
Windings Nickle Chrome 80/20 resistance wire.
Standard Wall Thickness .7mm – Larger if required.
Termination Threaded Terminals with Terminal Box
Ceramic Block
Ceramic Block with Terminal Box
Low Profile Box with leads
Armour Braided Leads
Flexible Metallic Conduit
Glass Fibre Leads (double insulated)
2Pin or 3Pin European plugs & Sockets
Voltage Supply Any voltage up to a maximum of 480V
Maximum Watts Density 35 watts sq./inch
Maximum Temperature Up to 750°c
Resistance Tolerance +5% – 5%
Minimum Bend Radius 15mm

Order and Enquiries

Elmatic manufacture these electric tubular heaters to our customer’s design and specification. For orders and quotations it is necessary to supply us with the following information :-

  • Section of Heater – 9.5mm
  • Dimensions of heater ( id of coil or size of grids or shapes )
  • Wattage.
  • Voltage
  • Lead Length and Termination Style.
  • Dimensional Sketch or Sample.
  • Quantity

Here at Elmatic, we strive to supply our customers and clients with outstanding appliances. With the 9.5mm square section heaters, it will provide the maximum temperatures for your application. For more information, email sales@elmatic.co.uk and we will respond to your message as soon as possible. As Elmatic are the leading companies for electric and industrial heating elements.

Delivery & Enquiries

Most items are available for delivery in 10 to 15 working days. However, we do offer additional emergency services for customers who are in a breakdown situation. This includes a 48hr services on Mica products, Cartridge Heaters and Ceramic Knuckle Heaters. For all enquires please contact a member of our sales team who will be happy to assist.