Cartridge Heaters

Cartridge Heaters

A cartridge heater is a tube-shaped, heavy-duty, industrial joule heating element and used in the heating industry. A cartridge heater may be used to heat any kind of substance or material from air to sugar. We have a wide range of quality cartridge heaters. With over 60 years of experience in the heating industry we are confident we can offer a product that is right for you.

Based in Cardiff, we can provide cartridge heaters of all sizes. A cartridge heater can be divided into 5 main parts: The Heating Coil, which is where the electrical load occurs and is commonly produced using a Nickel-Chromium. The Sheath, which is the component that makes contact between the heating coil and sheath. The sealing, which holds in the heating coil. Finally the Lead Wire, the lead wired will vary depending on the design of the machine in which the cartridge heater will be inserted.

Here at Elmatic, we manufacture to your specification. Please advise us of the type of leads you prefer and if you would like some assistance or advice on the correct lead to use, do not hesitate to ask. We have a huge range of cartridge heaters, from 6.5mm right up to 9-16 inch cartridge heaters.

We are confident that we can provide a solution to your cartridge heater queries and will endeavour to so in a professional and efficient manner.

If you are in urgent need of a replacement cartridge heater, we offer an emergency service for customers who are in a breakdown situation where we can provide a 48hr delivery service. We look forward to being of service to you in the very near future and can assure you that we will do our utmost to ensure that you are satisfied.

Immersion Heaters

An immersion heater is an electric heating element that is usually thermostatically controlled and will heat your hot water or desired liquid to set temperature and keep it at that temperature for as long as it is switched on. Immersion heaters are designed for contact heating. Electrical immersion heaters may heat water immediately.

Immersion heaters have a tendency to produce scale, commonly calcium carbonate, in hard water areas, such problems can be avoided at the design stage. Here at Elmatic each individual spiral has been thoroughly chemically washed to eliminate contamination and give a longer element life. We are committed to continually developing our manufacturing methods, ensuring that our products provide the best performance. Immersion heaters can be either screwed or flanged. Flanged immersion heaters can be rated up to 2000 kilowatts, or more and require three-phase supply whereas screwed immersion heaters are usually only rated up to approximately 24kw.

Our immersion heaters are reliable, strong and adaptable that they are suitable for an unlimited number of applications and environments. Depending on the application it requires, our immersion heaters can be made in a number of materials including incoloy, stainless steel, mild steel and titanium. Immersion heaters are capable of achieving temperatures up to 750oC.

Our immersion heaters are able to be customised to suit your requirements. We can offer a selection of sheath materials to suit your individual requirements. We can also offer a range of various sealants, available for special conditions.

Nozzle Heaters

At Elmatic, we manufacture a vast range of nozzle heaters. Nozzle heaters can be used for: injection and blow moulding, rubber moulding, plastic process machinery, test equipment and so much more. We offer a huge range of choices with our selection of nozzle heaters.

We offer a wide range of mica nozzle heaters and SQ5 and SQ7 heaters. Mica nozzle heaters are used for low to medium temperatures up to 300oC. At Elmatic, we design several styles of mica nozzle heaters to suit our customer’s budget, application and requirements.

If you need a nozzle heater that is capable of heating to higher temperatures we also offer square section coiled nozzle heaters that are Capable of working up to 750°C, the coil heater can last up to 10 times the life of a Mica nozzle heater, saving time and maintenance costs and reducing the number of mica nozzle heaters used, giving our customers a purchase cost saving. Available in 5mm square section, complete with or without a built type J or K thermocouple, or a 7mm square section heater without the option of a thermocouple, these coil nozzle heaters come complete with a stainless steel clamp band and 1000mm of armoured braided cable as standard.

For Nozzle Heater orders and quotation it is necessary to supply us with the following information: The inside diameter of band, width of heater, wattage, voltage, lead length and termination style, dimensional sketch or sample, and quantity.

Our nozzle heaters are designed to suit our customer’s budget, application and requirements. Here at Elmatic we will be more than happy to answer any queries you may have. Our sales representatives and technical experts are ready to assist with your enquiry on 02920 778 727. Leading manufacturers of electric heating elements and industrial heating elements.

Delivery & Enquiries

Most items are available for delivery in 10 to 15 working days. However, we do offer additional emergency services for customers who are in a breakdown situation. This includes a 48hr services on Mica products, Cartridge Heaters and Ceramic Knuckle Heaters. For all enquires please contact a member of our sales team who will be happy to assist.