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We are one of the top industry railway suppliers of heating elements in the UK. Our huge range of heating elements includes suitable applications for the railway industry. We have various applications which are used for functioning the train or to heat water for refreshments.

Our selection of suitable applications for this industry include:

Tubular rods can be used in the railway industry for the heating of the train to the heating of refreshments.

We offer a wide selection of cartridge heaters which are fit for purpose in the railway industry. Elmatic manufacture all their heating elements in their factory to world class standards.

As one of the leading industry railway suppliers, our range of silicon rubber mat heaters are suitable applications. They are mainly used in food processing machinery, but can also be used in this industry. Our silicon rubber mat heaters has robust designs and manufactured to the highest quality.

We are the leading industrial railway suppliers in the UK and offer a huge selection of heating elements which are suitable for applications. We manufacture world class heating elements in our factory so that our customers are satisfied with our robust designs. Contact us today on (029) 2077 8727 and one of our friendly team members will be more than happy to assist you with your requirements. Needless to say, that Elmaitc is the top leading heating elements company in the UK.

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