Commercial Sterilisers

Commercial Sterilisers Industry | Elmatic

Elmatic has a wide selection of suitable applications within the commercial sterilisers industry. Commercial sterilisers have an apparent need for heating elements because they use heat in one form or another to fulfil their desired objective.

Our huge selection of heating elements are suitable for the following applications within commercial sterilisers:

Our range of flange heaters can be used within commercial sterilisers to heat elements and fulfil their objective. Sterilisers typically heat to temperatures of 121oC, whereas, our flange heaters are capable of achieving temperatures of up to 750oC. We manufacture our flange heaters to the highest standard to ensure that our customers are satisfied.

Tubular rods can be used within the commercial steriliser industry and are used for commercial purposes. Elmatic is a leading manufacturer of tubular rods and provides outstanding solutions to replacement heating elements.

We design a range of cartridge heaters which are specifically designed to customer’s specifications, ensuring a quality solution for replacement and faulty parts. Our range of cartridge heaters are recommended for temperatures up to 750oC.

Our selection of unrivalled thermocouples are produced to world class standards and present the added benefit of being available in mineral insulated format. We want to reassure you that we manufacturer our thermocouples to the highest quality.

We offer an impressive selection of quality industrial heating elements which are suitable for applications within the commercial sterilisers industry. Needless to say, that Elmatic is the leading manufacturer of high quality heating elements.

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