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Elmatic Ltd is popular Bitumen Processing suppliers of quality industrial and electric heating elements industry. The suppliers of the Bitumen processing industry has an obvious need for heating elements due to the Bitumen refining process.

Our range of Bitumen processing heating elements include flange heaters, tubular rod heaters, ceramic core heaters and thermocouples.

Our selection of flange heaters are used extensively throughout the Bitumen processing industry and produced to world class standards and are trusted within the heating industry.

Our tubular rod heater range is manufactured to the highest quality and is suitable for applications within the Bitumen processing supplier industry.

Elmatic offers a fantastic range of ceramic core heaters which are in the Bitumen processing industry. Also, they can be used to heat fluids in a tank or cylinder and designed to our customer’s specifications.

Our selection of thermocouples are used extensively within the Bitumen processing supplier industry and they boast many different heat sensing applications. Elmatic is a leading manufacturer of outstanding performing heating elements.

Elmatic is recognised as one of the leading Bitumen processing suppliers and offers a huge range of heating elements. Bitumen processing uses a range of industrial heating elements and we are confident that Elmatic has the solution for you. Furthermore to say, Elmatic is a trusted supplier of industrial heating elements in the UK.

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