Green Gas Pilot Scheme Awarded £4.8 Million In Funding

Funding to the tune of £4.8 million has been provided under Ofgem’s Network Innovation Competition to finance a three-year pilot study intended to cut out the use of costly greenhouse gases like propane.

Currently, this is added to bio-methane and other lower carbon gases for billing reasons, but it’s hoped that the study will eventually see updates brought in with regards to how gas bills are calculated so that the lower carbon alternatives like natural gas are taken into account – since they’re likely to be powering our homes and businesses in the future.

“Ofgem’s decision to award National Grid £4.8 million for this programme reflects how serious the UK’s gas grids are about delivering low carbon heat, as well as delivering a sustainable gas future which works for consumers as well,” director of network strategy at National Grid Gas Distribution David Parkin said.

In addition, the company is also looking into making gas from household waste by funding a bio-substitute natural gas plant in Swindon that will accept 10,000 tonnes of waste from the region and produce enough green gas to either fuel 75 heavy goods vehicles or heat 1,500 homes.

Similarly, Ofgem has also just awarded £6.8 million to the HyDeploy project at Keele University that intends to inject hydrogen – a clean and carbon-free gas that doesn’t contribute to climate change – into the existing natural gas network. This will make up a maximum of 20 per cent of the gas volume in the network and if the project is successful some 120 million tonnes of carbon could be prevented from reaching the atmosphere by 2050.

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